Insurance plans
CTG Logistics provides full-scale NEMT dispatch and ground transportation services to insurance plans and their members, offering service for ambulatory transfers, non-ambulatory wheelchair accessible transfers, and non-emergency ambulance transfers.
Services are offered throughout the New York metropolitan area and Long Island. Our proprietary GPS-based technological platform ensures orders are efficiently placed and updated in real time.
We operate a dedicated 24/7 dispatch call center with all hardware, dispatch and routing software, and telecom fully developed and maintained by our in-house technical team.
CTG Logistics processes the initial customer trip request, performs necessary follow-up, routes all requests to CTG network affiliate partners, and handles payment arrangements with the affiliate and its driver.
A core focus of our homegrown dispatching software is to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse, with all front-end, back-end and audit processes designed around this goal.
The operational infrastructure that we have created to support this program is expansive including customized dispatch software installed at both our central dispatch facility and affiliate locations, customized routing software, full scale telephone system and back-end audit/scrubbing invoicing tools.
NEMT dispatch& transportation
New York metro and Long Island
GPS-based platform
24/7 call center
Proprietary dispatch software
Fraud, waste and abuse elimination
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