Privacy Policy & HIPAA Compliance
CTG Logistics takes client privacy and its obligations pursuant to HIPPA very seriously.
All passenger information received, transmitted, or stored for the purpose of managing transportation is treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. To accomplish this, we take the following measures:
We have adopted and implemented a comprehensive security policy. All our employees receive appropriate training in these policies, and we run frequent quality assurance checks to make sure they’re followed. All third-party vendors are likewise required to undergo this training.
We provide security-related refresher courses and continuing education for all employees and vendors.
We take special precautions to make sure all service providers are fully HIPAA-compliant and follow proper procedures. CTG Logistics requires documentation that confirms such compliance, that confirms ongoing training is conducted, and that required auditing procedures are followed.
CTG Logistics has staff members dedicated to ensuring all HIPPA compliance protocols are strictly adhered to. These individuals are in charge of executing policies and training related to patient information.
We perform regular assessments to identify any potential security risks and apply corrective and/or preventative measures where necessary. Our business associates are required to follow similar protocols.
We exceed HIPAA audit requirements by conducting internal audits on a quarterly basis. CTG Logistics fully documents the results of these internal audits, as well as all resulting changes made to its policies and procedures.
We also exceed HIPPA requirements pertaining to e-mail communications by utilizing an e-mail firewall that ensures the security of such communications.
To ensure the highest level of HIPAA compliance, CTG Logistics interprets protected health information (PHI) to include, but not be limited to, name, member number, job identification number and trip information, which may be contained in electronic files, telephone recordings, or paper documentation. Any information that may personally identify the transportation recipient or their health condition is considered PHI and is treated in the strictest confidence.
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